Past Events

Click below to see photos of each event:

SFPR International Day of Solidarity Dinner, Fall 2014

50 Day Attack on Gaza, Fall 2014

Demonstration for Gaza, Spring 2014

Protest the Assault on Gaza, Spring 2014

Summer BBQ: Palestinian Style, Spring 2014

Remembrance of the Dispossessed: A Vigil for Palestinian Refugees, Spring 2014

Video Games Night, Winter 2014

IAW, Guest Speaker: Yusef Saloojee; from S. Africa to Palestine, Winter 2014

IAW, Coffee House with L4P, Winter 2014

IAW, Custom Label Water Bottles, Winter 2014

IAW, Gallery in SLC Great Hall, Winter 2014

FEDs Clubs Day, Winter 2014

International Palestinian Solidarity Day, Fall 2013

IAW, Mock Checkpoints, Winter 2012

IAW, Remi Kanazi Spoken Word, Winter 2012

IAW, Flashmob in SLC, Winter 2012

IAW, Canadian Boat to Gaza Capture at Sea by David Heap, Winter 2012

Building a Mock Israeli Apartheid Wall, Winter 2012

Israeli Flotilla Raid Protest, Spring 2010

Palestinian Nights, Fall 2010

Israeli Apartheid Week’s “Freedom for Palestine” March, Winter 2010

SFPR’s Dinner with Mads, Winter 2010

Dr. Gilbert’s “Eyes in Gaza” Lecture, Winter 2010

Anna Baltzer in Waterloo, Fall 2009

Finkelstein in Waterloo, Fall 2009

Dr. Abdelrahman Lawendy: To Gaza and Back, Spring 2009

Goodbye SFPR 2008 Grads 

SFPR Dinner, Winter 2008

Last SFPR Meeting Winter 2008 

Meeting Ilan Pappe, Winter 2008 

Layalee Filisteeniya, Winter 2008

Post Ali Abu Nimah Hangout, Fall 2007

Palestine Week, Winter 2004 

Finkelstein at UW, Fall 2003 



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