Apartheid From South Africa to Israel

This is an edited version of a speech delivered by Students for Palestinian Rights member Rowland Robinson at the rally by SFPR and Laurier 4 Palestine against Israeli Apartheid on March 1st, 2010.

Rowland is in his 4B Honours Anthropology and Sociology term at the University of Waterloo. Much of his academic work has been on colonialism, post-colonialism and indigenous issues.


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Israel, Palestine and Terror

By Robert Fantina

President Ahmadinejad of Iran has been roundly condemned for comments made at the United Nations anti-racism forum. In describing the establishment of the Israeli nation, he said it was done “to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering.” He further said that doing so brought “to power the most cruel and repressive racist regime in Palestine.”

It is unfortunate that the Iranian president cannot separate fact from inflammatory fiction. History proves that there is no ‘pretext’ of Jewish suffering. The nation of Israel as we know it today was established following one of the cruelest, most barbaric periods of genocide in recorded history. The murderous German regime, under the savage leadership of Adolph Hitler, defined genocide in the twentieth century, in a period known as the Holocaust. The people of the Jewish nation are right to ‘never forget’.

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Politicians or Perpetrators?

By Andrew Smith

US President Barak Obama and special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, are positively perplexed. This Middle East peacemaker gig really is more challenging than they anticipated. What a complex, thorny issue they have found themselves in. “Expectations were too high”, “We overestimated our ability”, President Obama stated in an interview with Time magazine. Obama explains that “divisions within their societies” made “meaningful conversation…very hard”. Perhaps these “divisions” that seem irreconcilable to the point of negating meaningful dialog point to why this conflict simply won’t resolve itself. Thousands of years of fighting in this Holy Land make a thousand more seem inevitable. Obama seems reclined to make this conclusion and wash his hands of failure.

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Carleton's war portfolio: Students demand divestment from apartheid


General Dynamics. Shell. Apache Corporation. Philip Morris. Pfizer. These are weapons manufacturers, oil companies, mining corporations, tobacco companies and pharmaceutical giants. Notorious war profiteers, environmental destroyers and human rights violators. Morally and ethically, these are not the types of firms with which one would expect Carleton University to have any sort of affiliation.

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The Schoolyard Bully: A Morality Tale

by Robert Fantina

Once upon a time at a school district far away there was a student named Jake. Jake was an orphan who bounced from one foster home to another, and was constantly being picked on. This started in kindergarten; he had a few friends, but most of the other kids ignored him, and a couple of the bigger kids would often steal his lunch, push him to the ground and taunt and insult him.

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Monday, January 25th – Eyes in Gaza

Date: Monday, January 25th
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Location: Multipurpose Room, Student Life Center, University of Waterloo

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) is proud to present a two week North American tour featuring internationally acclaimed Doctor, professor, and local politician Dr. Mads Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert embarks on a two week North American journey starting January 18, 2010, across 14 different campuses to share his experiences during the Israeli offensive on Gaza, “Operation Cast Lead”. This tour takes place approximately one year after 1300 Palestinians perished and thousands more injured under the Israeli attacks denounced as war crimes by the United Nations Human Rights Council under the infamous Goldstone Report.

Dr. Gilbert, on behalf of the Norwegian Aid Committee, was one of two foreign doctors allowed in the Gaza strip during “Operation Cast Lead”, working days and nights at the busy and over-crowded Al-Shiffaa Hospital. While Gaza was under siege with no media or medical aid allowed to enter, Dr. Gilbert emerged as the mainstream face in keeping the world informed of the ongoing atrocities. In fact, his testimonies were broadcast worldwide on ABC, Al-Jazeera, BBC, CBS, CNN and more.

Dr. Gilbert recently published his new book “Eyes in Gaza” with co-author, Dr. Erik Fosse. The book has already been released in Norwegian and will soon be published in English.

The boy with the destroyed brain did not need anaesthetic; he could no longer feel anything. The other lay in an artificial coma with intravenous anaesthetic agents to soften the pain and allow the ventilator to work without resistance from the boy’s own breathing. A large bandage covered both his eyes. He could not see anyway. He was already blind.

Where could I cry out the despair and rage I felt for all this terrible fate we saw at such close quarters? Would the heavens hear? Will the world hear? They know that this is happening, after all. The numbers tick into the West every single afternoon, to the news agencies, to the intelligence services and to the diplomatic missions of the world’s most powerful nations, who do not even make an attempt to pull in the reins and control the wildness of the Israeli war machine.

[This is a sneak excerpt from Dr. Mads Gilbert & Dr. Erik Fosse’ new book – “Eyes in Gaza” soon to be published in English.]


For more information on the tour, please feel free to email Fatemah at fmeghji@interchange.ubc.ca. For questions specific to University of Waterloo, contact sfpruw@gmail.com.

Monday January 18th: Ontario, University of Ottawa, Fauteux Hall, Room 147B, 7pm

Tuesday January 19th: Sudbury, Laurentian University, Room A-226 of Laurentian Arts Building, 6:30pm

Wednesday January 20th: Toronto, Ryerson University, SCC 115 Ryerson Student Centre, 7pm

Thursday January 21st: Kingston, Queen’s University, Stirling Hall Auditorium A, 64 Queens Crescent, 7pm

Friday January 22nd: Hamilton, McMaster University, Togo Salmon Hall Room B106, 1200 Main Street West, 5:30pm

Monday January 25th: Waterloo University, Multipurpose Room, Student Life Center, 6:30 pm

Tuesday January 26th: Calgary, University of Calgary, Room TBA, 7pm (Tickets: $10)

Wednesday January 27th: Edmonton, University of Alberta ETLC Room 1007, 6:30pm

Thursday January 28th: Victoria, University of Victoria, Room TBA, 7pm

Friday January 29th: Vancouver, University of British Columbia, WOOD 2, 6:30pm (Tickets: $10)

Monday February 1st: Chicago, Benedictine University, Krasa A, B, 7pm

Tuesday February 2nd: Chicago, DePaul University, Room TBA, 7pm

Wednesday February 3rd: New York, Columbia University, 420 West 118th Street, NY, NY 10027, Room 1501 in the International Affairs Building (IAB), 7pm

Thursday February 4th: New Jersey, Princeton University, Room TBA, 4:30pm

Friday February 5th: Montreal, McGill University, Room TBA, 7pm (Tickets: $10)