Mads Gilbert – Nationwide Campus Tour

by Fatemah Meghji

From Dr. Mads Gilbert & Dr. Erik Fosse’s Eyes in Gaza:

The boy with the destroyed brain did not need anaesthetic; he could no longer feel anything. The other lay in an artificial coma with intravenous anaesthetic agents to soften the pain and allow the ventilator to work without resistance from the boy’s own breathing. A large bandage covered both his eyes. He could not see anyway. He was already blind.

Where could I cry out the despair and rage I felt for all this terrible fate we saw at such close quarters? Would the heavens hear? Will the world hear? They know that this is happening, after all. The numbers tick into the West every single afternoon, to the news agencies, to the intelligence services and to the diplomatic missions of the world’s most powerful nations, who do not even make an attempt to pull in the reins and control the wildness of the Israeli war machine.

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I'm Asking for your Personal Opinion

By Andrew Smith

I am going to ask you each your personal opinion about this. Please take the time to read this message, as I have taken some time to write it for you.

Turkey’s prime minister has stormed off the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos after a heated debate on Gaza with Israel’s president.

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Palestinians are bound to be bound

Omar Salaymeh

There seems to be an international competition on which country can cause Palestinians the most suffering. Israel has always been a front runner, and a favourite to win the competition in all its categories: land theft, starvation, discrimination, human rights denials, among many others. Lately, another country has emerged as a strong contender to take away Israel’s spots in some of the categories. The country is of course Egypt. The country that once stood as a symbol of human ingenuity is now a cowardly state bending over backward to please its true rulers, in an effort to maintain its political status quo.

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What is preventing peace in Palestine?

By Dana H and Aseel AD

What is preventing peace in Palestine? This question attracted over 150 members of the KW-community to Trinity United Church last Friday. Dr. Norman Finkelstein, an American Jewish Princeton University graduate and an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian impasse, was to answer this question in a cross-Canada tour organized by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) and our very own Waterloo Students for Palestinian Rights (SFPR).

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Palestine’s right to exist


Despite the political manoeuvring of Western leaders, despite their attempts to complicate the issue, the “question of Palestine” is simple: Does Palestine have a right to exist?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. But it is important to realize that there should never have been a question of Palestine’s right to exist in the first place. Prior to the mass expulsion of roughly 800,000 Palestinians (according to Israeli sources), and before the unilateral declaration of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, Palestinians made up at least 66 per cent of the population of the region. 90 per cent of the Jewish population was of foreign origin, including tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.

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Diary of Palestine

By Dana HB

As I was cleaning my room some time ago, not by choice mind you, I stumbled upon a little locked notebook that I hadn’t seen in years. The image of Aladdin and his princess Jasmine on the cover page brought back a flood of good memories, all surely preserved inside the book. After five seconds of fiddling with the tiny lock I was able to open the book and read through the numerous entries.

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