Glory to the Women of the Intifada: Palestinian Women Celebrate International Women’s Day

This week was International Women’s Week around the world, a week to celebrate the achievements and power of women all around the world.  This week is a time to recognize the strength of women. Many times when we think of strength we forget about the women behind liberation movements. Palestinian women have been the foundation of the resistance and the voice of the voiceless; they have played a key role in the mobilization of all people towards Palestinian freedom. Continue reading


Poetry: A Nonviolent Weapon

Poetry and other forms of story telling are the nonviolent weapons of the oppressed. It is a way of expressing solidarity, pain, joy and cultural identity in order to keep a nation alive. The Palestinian people are under siege on all fronts; our poetry and stories are our lifelines, ensuring that generations never forget who we are, where we come from and why we must continue to struggle for the right to exist. Continue reading