January 19 – Rebel Diaz at UW!

Time: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location:  Federation Hall, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=116609755073372

For one night only on January 19, in the Tri-City, the Red Path Society and SFPR, in cooperation with BASICS Community News Service and Barrio Nuevo from Toronto, will be bringing you the renowned political hip-hop trio Rebel Diaz!

Rebel Diaz is based out of the Bronx and Chicago. It consists of Teresita Ayala (Lah Tere) and brothers Rodrigo Venegas (RodStarz) and Gonzalo Venegas (G1).

The children of Chilean activists, RodStarz and G1 grew up in Chicago’s North Side, and Lah Tere was raised in Humboldt Park, Chicago. Rebel Diaz identify with and position themselves within a history of political resistance through music, specifically citing the Nueva canción movement.

Although Rebel Diaz met in Chicago, Illinois, Rebel Diaz was not born until the three moved to the Bronx – the birthplace of hip hop – to continue their political activism through hip hop. Rebel Diaz see themselves as reclaiming hip hop as a tool in the larger struggle against oppression. RodStarz and G1 work with youth in the South Bronx, teaching them to use music to express themselves. In March 2009, Rebel Diaz opened the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, a community arts center that includes a performance space, a multimedia studio, a computer lab, and an art gallery located in an abandoned warehouse in the South Bronx.

The show will also feature performances by local radical spoken word artists and rock musicians. It will be held at Federation Hall on the University of Waterloo campus. Tickets will be 10$.

About Red Path:

The Red Path Society is a new radical collective being built as a tool for social action and political education in the Tri-City area in south west Ontario. New members, allies, and guests are requested to contact us directly at uwrpsociety@gmail.com.

Our effort is largely born out of many years of frustration with the existing channels for dialogue, political activism, and academic radicalism. We are single-mothers, students with debt up to our eyeballs, Natives, members of the queer-and-trans community, immigrants and refugees, the unemployed and underemployed. Amongst us, we have Atheists and the Uncertain, we have devout Muslims and Christians, Sikhs and Jews, people of faith, people of colour, and people of all walks of life.

We are divorced from the worst of the mainstream, but compassionately in love with the regular folks at its core.

We are intimately bound to the working class, by blood and sincerity, by experience and history. Our common struggle is to build a better world, to take small steps towards a bigger dream.

Our motivations may be diverse, but fairness and justice unify our positions.


Palestine Speaks: Venue for Political Analysis

Click here to visit Palestine Speaks!

What is Palestine Speaks?

Palestine Speaks is a new venue for Canadian and international political analysts, university and college professors, activists and intellectuals to share their opinions on the variety of issues that surround the Israel-Palestinian/Arab impasse.

Palestine Speaks is a publication that provides a forum for ideas and insights stemming from a variety of points of view and perspectives. It includes articles and publications that discuss issues such as:

Anti-Semitism in Canada
Jewish involvement in Palestinian solidarity work
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
Canadian involvement in the Israel-Palestinian/Arab conflict
The role of civil society
The legacies of Palestinian intellectuals such as Edward Said and Mahmoud Darwish
And many other topics…
For more information, please send an e-mail to info@palestinespeaks.net


Dina El-Kassaby
Omar Shaban
Nader Khattab
Salah Bustami
Abdul Rahman Mihirig
Nadine Kallas
Remie Farrage
Rima Hijazi
Marie A
Ana Komnenic


Khaled Mouammer – Canadian Arab Federation
Hanna Kawas – Canada Palestine Asociation
Mohamed El-Masry – The Canadian Charger
Sid Shniad – Independent Jewish Voices
Gary Keenan – Canada Palestine Association
Steven Zhou – Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
Ed Corrigan – Lawyer
Mordecai Briemberg – Seriously Free Speech
Mike Krebs – Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign
Harsha Walia – No One Is Illegal

Canada: Most Pro-Israeli Country? A Lecture by Yves Engler

Tuesday, November 16 · 5:30pm – 7:00pm

University of Waterloo, E2 1303
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON

Has the Harper Government Made Canada the Most Pro-Israel Country in the World?

Author of Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid, Yves Engler to speak on Canada-Israel relations.

Many Canadians are concerned about Harper’s “Israel no matter what” policy and his claims that Canadian values are Israeli values. They are concerned by the Harper government’s open attacks and defunding of groups who in any way have defended the rights of Palestinians. Under Harper, the Canadian government was the first country to cut assistance with the Palestinian Authority after Hamas won the legislative elections while it starting funding a Palestinian security force to oversee Israel’s occupation. Representing a fringe right-wing religious movement, Harper sees eye to eye with Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Israeli government. Guest speaker Yves Engler will present on these issues and outline the significance of the Harper government’s “Israel no matter what” policy.

About Yves Engler

Former Vice President of the Concordia Student Union, Yves Engler was expelled from Concordia in the aftermath of the September 2002 protests against Benjamin Netanyahu. He has four published books: The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy (Shortlisted for the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non Fiction in the Quebec Writers’ Federation Literary Awards), Playing Left Wing: From Rink Rat to Student Radical and (with Anthony Fenton) Canada in Haiti: Waging War on The Poor Majority and the just- released Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.

Praise for “Canada and Israel”

The only book that need be written on Canada’s policies towards Israel… The most carefully documented book relating to the Israel/Palestine conflict I have ever read.” Michael Neumann, author of The Case Against Israel, CounterPunch.

“An excellent book for sources and required material for a strong understanding of Canada-Israel relations,” Relay.

“Masterfull,” L’aut’journal.

“A stunning examination of the history of Canada-Israel relations and a key read for anyone interested in Canadian foreign policy,” Montreal Hour.

“Engler’s style is clear and direct. He writes with passion and careful documentation.”  London Free Press.

“Skillfully constructs a coherent narrative … well-referenced and easy-to-follow exposé,”  Electronic Intifada.

“A neat little book, something you want to mark up and tuck into your back pocket.”  Montreal Review of Books.

“Comprehensive… easy-to-read.”   Toronto Now.

Israeli Settlements: A Challenge to Justice

By Professor Omar M. Ramahi

Challenging Israel’s long list of myths, John Quigley perceptively entitled his 1990 book, “Palestine and
Israel: A Challenge to Justice”. Such title is more appropriate today than ever to describe Israel’s
continuous and flagrant violation of International law and all UN resolutions asserting that the West
Bank is an occupied territory. During WWII, occupied France was just that, occupied, despite all
attempts of the German occupying army to present otherwise. The West Bank is an occupied territory.

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The Art of Dr. Ibrahim Shalaby


Renowned architect and interior designer Dr. Ibrahim Shalaby will be at this year’s Palestinian Nights.  Born in Jordan, the Canadian-Jerusalemite will be displaying and selling his artwork of Islamic landscapes, Arabic Calligraphy, and Ayat from the Holy Qur’an.

Dr. Shalaby holds a PhD. in Fine Arts, Architecture and Interior Design.   Though he has retired from teaching, he is the president of CAOCA (Canadian Arab Organization of Culture and Art), a Not For Profit organization.

Come join us November 12, 2010 at Palestinian Nights – Layalee Filisteeniya where you can meet Dr. Shalaby and view his pieces depicting Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, and much more.

For more information about Palestinian Nights – Layalee Filisteeniya, click here.

Palestinian Nights – Layalee Filisteeniya

Palestinian Nights – ليالي فلسطينيه


About the Event

Palestinian Nights is a human-rights-focused, artistic event, that aims to celebrate the Palestinian culture with poetry, dance, music,
comedy and much more.

Date: Friday, November 12
Time: 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Location: University of Waterloo, Fed Hall, 200 University Avenue West

Free Parking at Parking Lot R

For pictures from last Palestinian Nights, click here.

What to Wear

This is a semi-formal event. People are encouraged to wear traditional clothing pertaining to their country of origin. However, this is not a necessity.


Why Palestinian Nights?

We are holding this event to celebrate the Palestinian culture and remind the world that the Palestinians will never forget their home and origin, and will continue to peacefully resist the Israeli occupation for however long it takes to find justice, peace and equality.

We are also holding this event to allow Palestinians who were born and raised in Canada to experience the Palestinian culture that they never got to enjoy due to their inability to return to their Israeli-occupied land.


Limited number of tickets available, so buy yours fast! Tickets are available now at the WPIRG office (SLC room 2139)

Adult Tickets: $40
Student Tickets: $25*
Family Special (2 adults, 2 students): $100
Under 8 = Free !

*Students refers to primary, middle and high school students as well as University and College Students.
Students must present their ID with their ticket at the door.
Families buying a family special must arrive at the event together.


The Organizers

This event is brought to you by UW’s Students for Palestinian Rights (SFPR) and UW’s Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG).

For more about SFPR and its activities, visit uwsfpr.wordpress.com

For more about WPIRG and its activities, visit http://wpirg.org/

For questions about the event, or about SFPR, contact sfpruw@gmail.com or Dana Sammur, + 1 (226) 808 1930


Frequent Questions

How will the event’s atmosphere be like?

This event is a semi-formal one catered to both students and families. There will be a number of English and Arabic performances (some very serious, and some very comedic), and quite a bit of time to socialize with other families, students and human rights activists. There will also be music, dancing, and lots of entertainment! You do not want to miss this event!

Is this event only for Palestinians? Is this event only for Arabic-speaking people?

Definitely not! The majority of the event’s organizers are not Palestinian, and quite a few are not middle-eastern and don’t speak Arabic at all. There will be both English and Arabic performances, and the Emcees will be speaking in both languages. The performances focus on human rights and vary from very serious to very funny. The music, however, will be mostly Arabic since we are trying to promote the Palestinian culture.

Where is the money from this event going?

The money from this event will be used for two purposes. 1. To invest in Palestinian businesses. 2. To hold future SFPR events, namely Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Money made from investing in Palestinian businesses will be donated to hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

BBQ Hosted by SFPR

September 13, 2010

Students for Palestinian Rights (SFPR) will be holding a BBQ fundraiser on Tuesday, September 14 and Wednesday, September 15, from 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM in the SLC courtyard (see map for directions http://www.uwaterloo.ca/map/index.php).

Please come and help us fundraise! Bring your friends!

The BBQ is one of the only sources of funding SFPR has for the Palestinian Nights event and for hosting our guest speaker this term, so any patronage would be wonderful!

For more information, you can contact us at sfprexecs@gmail.com.

Flotilla Raid Protest Success!

June 11, 2010

WATERLOO- College and University students rallied and protested at the University of Waterloo yesterday against Israel’s flotilla massacre in Gaza that killed nine Turkish citizens and injured many others.

The event was organized by Students for Palestinian Rights, SFPR, and attracted over fifty students from Kitchener and Waterloo to show their anger over the deaths of the activists trying to bring 10,000 tons of aid to the suffering citizens of Gaza. A tribute to those who died was given followed by a moment of silence, speeches from both professors and members of SFPR and concluding with a march around the university.

The raid, which happened last Monday morning has created an international outcry and a call to lift the blockade of Gaza, which Israel says it needs to protect its civilians from threats of Hamas and Iran.

The Israeli Defence Force, who boarded the ship and began to assault and torture the activists, claims it was only defending itself after the activists attacked them first.

The killings of the Turkish activists has damaged relations between Turkey and Israel and also renewed hostilities in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many people are calling for an end to the occupation and calling for peace. SFPR has said that as long as there are Palestinians dying by Israel’s disregard for international law, the resistance will continue.

Tony Omran

Conestoga College