Poetry: A Nonviolent Weapon

Poetry and other forms of story telling are the nonviolent weapons of the oppressed. It is a way of expressing solidarity, pain, joy and cultural identity in order to keep a nation alive. The Palestinian people are under siege on all fronts; our poetry and stories are our lifelines, ensuring that generations never forget who we are, where we come from and why we must continue to struggle for the right to exist.


I wrapped him in a hatta
I wrapped him in a hatta because he needed to know
I bathed him in olive oil
I bathed him in olive oil because he needed to feel
I read Bataqa Hawiya to him
I read Bataqa Hawiya to him because he needed to hear
I fed him olives
I fed him olives because he needed to taste

He is a Palestinian, born to a Palestinian, born to Palestinians.
He is hope
He is justice
He is anger

He is the right to return.

Gone Bad
S&M gone wrong
She screams the safe word
Yet you tighten the grip
She begins to choke
You tighten the grip
She screams for help
You stuff our vulgarity in her
She begs you to stop
You punch her down
You have your way
You enjoy watching her suffer
Video game
10 points
Destroy hospital
15 points
Bullet in Faris’ neck
50 points
Momma wa Baba
Seedo wa Sitou
Farm destroyed
Gun point
Die or run

Ethnic cleansing
100 points
She’s still screaming the safe word

image1Lena Thibeh is a Waterloo based Canadian-Palestinian activist. She is an outspoken human and civil rights advocate, providing a feisty spin on world issues. She is completing her undergraduate degree in Religion and Culture and will be working towards becoming a Social Service Worker. Lena currently produces and hosts her own self-help YouTube channel called “Crazy Wisdom”.


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