Event: Remembrance of the Dispossessed: A Vigil for Palestinian Refugees

Note: This event is to commemorate the lives lost and affected by the 1948 Nakba.

Join us for our FIRST event of the spring term

SFPR-UW @ Waterloo Public Square @ 7-10PM / 15 May 2014

The University of Waterloo’s Students for Palestinian Rights invite you to express your solidarity with the Palestinian Diaspora.

This Vigil is intended to raise awareness about two major tragedies in Palestinian history, the Nakba (1948), the Naksa (1967), and will address the impact of history on Palestinian suffering today.

People of different ages and circumstances will gather for a night of live music and the sharing of personal tragedy and experience.

This event will also shed light on current conditions of Palestinian refugee camps through photographs, stories and speeches.

Flowers and candles will be provided by donation. All proceeds aid Palestinian Refugees living in camps across the Middle East.

Guests are encouraged to contribute photo prints and other objects to display with flowers and candles in memory of Palestinian victims and non-Palestinians victimized for their support of the cause.

Want to volunteer?
Contact us at sfprexecs@gmail.com 
Sign up here:

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1416776365257467/

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