Palestinian Nights – Layalee Filisteeniya

Palestinian Nights – ليالي فلسطينيه


About the Event

Palestinian Nights is a human-rights-focused, artistic event, that aims to celebrate the Palestinian culture with poetry, dance, music,
comedy and much more.

Date: Friday, November 12
Time: 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Location: University of Waterloo, Fed Hall, 200 University Avenue West

Free Parking at Parking Lot R

For pictures from last Palestinian Nights, click here.

What to Wear

This is a semi-formal event. People are encouraged to wear traditional clothing pertaining to their country of origin. However, this is not a necessity.


Why Palestinian Nights?

We are holding this event to celebrate the Palestinian culture and remind the world that the Palestinians will never forget their home and origin, and will continue to peacefully resist the Israeli occupation for however long it takes to find justice, peace and equality.

We are also holding this event to allow Palestinians who were born and raised in Canada to experience the Palestinian culture that they never got to enjoy due to their inability to return to their Israeli-occupied land.


Limited number of tickets available, so buy yours fast! Tickets are available now at the WPIRG office (SLC room 2139)

Adult Tickets: $40
Student Tickets: $25*
Family Special (2 adults, 2 students): $100
Under 8 = Free !

*Students refers to primary, middle and high school students as well as University and College Students.
Students must present their ID with their ticket at the door.
Families buying a family special must arrive at the event together.


The Organizers

This event is brought to you by UW’s Students for Palestinian Rights (SFPR) and UW’s Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG).

For more about SFPR and its activities, visit

For more about WPIRG and its activities, visit

For questions about the event, or about SFPR, contact or Dana Sammur, + 1 (226) 808 1930


Frequent Questions

How will the event’s atmosphere be like?

This event is a semi-formal one catered to both students and families. There will be a number of English and Arabic performances (some very serious, and some very comedic), and quite a bit of time to socialize with other families, students and human rights activists. There will also be music, dancing, and lots of entertainment! You do not want to miss this event!

Is this event only for Palestinians? Is this event only for Arabic-speaking people?

Definitely not! The majority of the event’s organizers are not Palestinian, and quite a few are not middle-eastern and don’t speak Arabic at all. There will be both English and Arabic performances, and the Emcees will be speaking in both languages. The performances focus on human rights and vary from very serious to very funny. The music, however, will be mostly Arabic since we are trying to promote the Palestinian culture.

Where is the money from this event going?

The money from this event will be used for two purposes. 1. To invest in Palestinian businesses. 2. To hold future SFPR events, namely Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Money made from investing in Palestinian businesses will be donated to hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

5 thoughts on “Palestinian Nights – Layalee Filisteeniya

  1. Trust SFPR to turn what could be a lovely cultural event into a hate-filled, political, Israel-bashing bonanza. Never pass up an opportunity, right?

  2. I greatly appreciate both Palestinian and in general Arabic culture, thank you very much. I love the food, the music, the hospitality of the people in general… I could go on. I’m also a proud Zionist, and I don’t give you any credit for trying to dirty that word by using it as an insult. I wish I could comfortably take part in this event, but it’s clear that people like me aren’t welcome. What a shame.

  3. You are more than welcome to any SFPR event. SFPR treats all their guests with utmost respect, and you, like any other guest, will be treated with utmost respect.

  4. Brian Shaposhnik: Trust SFPR to turn what could be a lovely cultural event into a hate-filled, political, Israel-bashing bonanza. Never pass up an opportunity, right?  

    Will you deny that countless Palestinian refugees are denied the right to return to the lands they were born in? They are here right in Canada… some even right here at the Waterloo campus who were never given the chance to experience and celebrate the Palestinian culture back home, so only blame the Israeli government if the celebration of Palestinian culture is mixed with grievance towards the state of Israel.

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