Flotilla Raid Protest Success!

June 11, 2010

WATERLOO- College and University students rallied and protested at the University of Waterloo yesterday against Israel’s flotilla massacre in Gaza that killed nine Turkish citizens and injured many others.

The event was organized by Students for Palestinian Rights, SFPR, and attracted over fifty students from Kitchener and Waterloo to show their anger over the deaths of the activists trying to bring 10,000 tons of aid to the suffering citizens of Gaza. A tribute to those who died was given followed by a moment of silence, speeches from both professors and members of SFPR and concluding with a march around the university.

The raid, which happened last Monday morning has created an international outcry and a call to lift the blockade of Gaza, which Israel says it needs to protect its civilians from threats of Hamas and Iran.

The Israeli Defence Force, who boarded the ship and began to assault and torture the activists, claims it was only defending itself after the activists attacked them first.

The killings of the Turkish activists has damaged relations between Turkey and Israel and also renewed hostilities in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many people are calling for an end to the occupation and calling for peace. SFPR has said that as long as there are Palestinians dying by Israel’s disregard for international law, the resistance will continue.

Tony Omran

Conestoga College


16 thoughts on “Flotilla Raid Protest Success!

  1. The IDF killed nine Turkish members of IHH, a terrorist organization, once banned even in Turkey. Many videos have since been released showing exactly what happened on the flotilla. The soldiers dropped down onto the boat one by one equipped with a paintball gun on their backs and a handgun on their side, with orders not to use the handgun unless their lives were in dangers. The videos show the IHH members attempting to lynch the soldiers, beating them with pipes, chairs, tables, and other weapons. One soldiers was even thrown 30 feet overboard onto the lower deck where he was knocked unconscious. Several soldiers were dragged away and taken hostage before they managed to regroup and join their squad. A video shows one of the “peace activists” stabbing a soldier with a knife. Two soldiers suffered gunshot wounds after “peace activists” stole their sidearms and used them against them. With all this said, of course the soldiers felt that their lives were in danger and had to take control with more force. Any other army would do the same. It is very unfortunate that the IHH managed to kidnap this flotilla and turn it into the deadly outcome that it was, but that was after all their goal. The fact that Waterloo students rallied in support of a terrorist organization who attempted to disguise itself as “peace activists” is quite disgusting. I hope that members of the protest have since changed their views in light of the video evidence proving what happened that day.

  2. Do you believe everything you hear on CNN and Fox? The video shown on those networks shows what you see. But how can you say the activists, or “terrorists”, according to you, starting attacking the soldiers when the soldiers raided the ship first? The soldiers are the aggressors and aggression is NOT self defence. If you believe that the activists were terrorists then not only are you ignorant, but uneducated as well. Don’t believe everything you hear on the news because guess what, its biased! 19 year old Furkan Dogan was an American Citizen and was shot 4 times int he head and once in the chest execution style. Is he a terrorist? NO, the state of Israel is. You are actually the one that is discusting, defending an apartheid state and trying to justify their actions and disregard for international law.

  3. You asked if I believe everything I hear on CNN and Fox. The answer is that I believe almost nothing that I hear on these networks, and I avoid watching them. What I do believe is video evidence that I watch with my own eyes. As a matter of fact, the one CNN clip that I did see about the flotilla showed the video in the background but made zero reference to it. Completely idiotic and a good example of the failure of Western media. The goal of the networks clearly isn’t to inform viewers, because obviously if that were the goal, some reference would be made to such clear and important video footage of the so-called flotilla raid.

    To be perfectly honest, I make it a habit of not arguing or debating with extremists. It’s too easy. If there is anyone here who is reasonable and, like me, wants peace in the Middle East and wants to see a day when his Israeli or Palestinian friends and family don’t grow up hating each other, please feel free to discuss anything related to this event. I am happy to do so.

    As for anyone else who says things like “NO, the state of Israel is [a terrorist].” and very clearly has ulterior motives, and is not a peace-seeking activist, but rather a radical extremist defending any attempt to destroy or delegitimize Israel, I’ll pass on engaging with you. When you see someone go so far as to claim that video evidence clearly showing what happened that day is fake, it’s hard to take you seriously. I am often critical of Israeli policies and actions because I love my country, and I care about my people. I also care about the Palestinian people, and hope to see a just resolution in our days. Can you, someone who can’t even do so little as acknowledge that some of the passengers on the Marmara (the Turkish IHH terrorists) attempted to lynch the Israeli soldiers, say the same? Is it in the best interest of the Palestinian people to deny the veracity of the video footage and claim that it is fake? Extremist views like that will not bring peace to the Middle East. Maybe asking you to care as much about the Israelis as I care about Palestinians is too much. But why don’t you think very hard about your comments and consider if you really care about the Palestinian people yourself, or if your fight is just a fight against Israel.

  4. Typical response from Israel’s advocates: Israel is defending itself and everyone else is a terrorist.

    Now I ask you Brian, what are your sources? Who released the videos you’ve seen? In general, what sources do you use to shape your political opinion about the Israeli-Palestinian impasse?

  5. No, that is not what I said at all. But IHH is a recognized terrorist organization, even once banned in Turkey. And the video evidence clearly shows a mob of men attempting to lynch soldiers who landed on the ship one by one armed with paintball guns.

    As to your comment about who released the videos I’ve seen, would you mind clarifying the purpose of your question? Do you question the veracity of the videos? The videos I have seen, and I assume you have seen, were released by the parties present at the event; that is, both the IDF and passengers (or stationary cameras) from the ship. There is a camera from the ship showing IHH terrorists firing slingshots, throwing things, etc. at the soldiers before the soldiers even got onto the ship. Another video from the ship, and not from the IDF, shows an IHH terrorist stabbing a soldier in the stomach.

    Unfortunately, I am forced to rely somewhat on biased media to get updates on breaking news. I am careful to screen what I read and understand that some things are facts, and some things are unnecessary and dishonest analysis on the part of the reporter writing the article. I read many different primary and secondary sources, including IDF press releases, Hamas’ website, Israeli Hebrew newspapers, Al Jazeera English, Maan English, and finally if absolutely necessary, Canadian media. I don’t touch BBC, Reuters, etc except for purposes of amusement. The same is true for ‘most’ American media, although some have a better track record than others (including printing retractions when alerted of their mistakes).

  6. Complete ignorance. There wouldn’t have been any “lynching” as you say if the Israeli’s hadn’t raided the boat in the first place. They had no right to do that seeing is how it is AGAINST INTERNATIONAL LAW! There is no way to defend Israel here and I can see right through your words. Anyone who cares about the Palestinian people first want to see Israel be brought to justice. Only then can the first steps towards peace be taken.

  7. Obviously, the video source is important. Can you please link the videos you’re talking about, with their source?

    So you rely on media mainly to shape your views on the impasse? Have you read any books, documents, etc.? What human rights organizations to you deem as credible?

  8. Complete ignorance is claiming that the Palestinian people want what you call “justice” rather than peace. Typical, non-extremist Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza want to see their children stop dying and to be able to grow up in a world where they don’t fear for their lives. They want nothing more than peace and quiet, just like their Israeli neighbours want.

    People like you (as well as the Hamas terrorist leadership who live comfortably in Damascus) take advantage of the Palestinian people’s misery in order to seek what you call “justice” – AKA: the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

    And as a matter of fact, contrary to your unsourced claim, Israel had every right under international maritime law to board the ship. Any country has the right to demand that a ship suspected of carrying arms attempting to break a naval blockade stop and be inspected. Canada has in the past and will continue in the future to board ships in the Persian Gulf. This is completely legal. If a ship refuses to be inspected, the boarding is the next step.


    Specifically, Section V 67.a) applies to this case, and clearly indicates that Israel had the right to board the ship.


    As for the videos, I’m surprised you haven’t seen them. In any case, you can see all of the IDF’s released videos here:
    Some of them are IDF footage, some of them are footage from cameras located on the ship.

    And while I am unfortunately forced to rely on media for many updates, as I said, I take everything I read with a grain of salt and understand the many reasons that various organizations (and all organizations in general) have specific biases. I have of course read many books and documents about the topic. The most recent document I read was the report released by the terrorist IHH group about the flotilla event. It was amusing, to put it briefly.

    I award very little credibility to most human rights organizations based on most of their records of failure and abhorrent bias. Any organization that claims to fight for human rights worldwide but solely focuses on criticizing Israel’s policies when much worse atrocities are occurring elsewhere in the world, especially the Muslim world such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc… does not get my trust. With that said, I read many of their reports and use them as sources of information, but as with the media, I take what they say with a large grain of salt. Is it not mind-blowing that the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) is dominated by Islamic and African states backed by countries like China and Cuba, who protect each other from criticism and focus non-stop on only Israel? We are talking about the biggest human rights violators in the world here such as Saudi Arabia where gays are murdered and women are treated like animals. The UNHRC has passed tens (actually, it might be over a hundred now, I haven’t checked recently) of resolutions condemning Israel. In it’s first year (2006), every single resolution it passed criticized Israel. Do you know how many times it has focused instead on Saudi Arabia? Or North Korea? Or China? Or even Sudan? Take a guess.

  9. Brian, “peace” without “justice” is not peace; it is having one group of people willingly live under the authority of the other. Peace means no fighting. Justice means Palestinians either living with Jews side by side with equal rights, or having their own state alongside a Jewish state. Peace without justice is just a bomb waiting to explode – its not sustainable. Any oppressed population will eventually rise against the oppressor – they won’t just sit down and accept the authority of the oppressor. Justice is a necessity for a lasting peace.

    So you’re linking me to IDF videos? Videos released by the IDF? And you’re expecting us to view them as credible?


    So what you’re saying is that human rights organizations are biased. Palestinian sources are biased. Everyone is biased. The only source to be trusted is Israel.

    Have you been to amnesty international’s website? do you see the breadth of issues they cover? Human rights watch?

    And yes, you’re right, human rights organizations criticize Israel a lot. More than they criticize Saudi and some other countries. Perhaps that should give you a hint? Perhaps Israel is a larger violator of human rights than Saudi? Perhaps Israel’s apartheid system results in worse violations of human rights? I mean, I can’t remember the last time Saudi used white phosphorus to kill hundreds of civilians? I can’t remember the last time Saudi occupied another nation?

    Finally, you say
    ” The most recent document I read was the report released by the terrorist IHH group about the flotilla event. It was amusing, to put it briefly.”

    Which part of the report did you find amusing? Exact quotes please…

  10. Actually it is not legal in international waters where the international law applies and therefore Israel should be punished. My first priority is not the destruction of the Jewish state because I, like thousands of others living in the middle east, do not have a problem with the Jews. The problem is with the Zionists who will continue to destroy homes and expand their territories over Arab land no matter how long it takes without regard for human life. It is these acts that must be stopped in order to be peace. This whole mentality the world has if Israel does something it’s okay, but if Arabs, or Persians or anyone else does it it’s terrorism? That is ridiculous! Israel has hundreds of nukes, however Iran may be building ONE and we are sanctioning them? Palestinians are not the problem and protesting is our God given right! Everyone deserves to live in peace in the middle east and everywhere else regardless of their race. Your arguments to defend Israel won’t work. May peace be with you as well for you’re going to need some extra blessing habibi.

  11. If that is what you mean when you say that you want “justice”, then I want your 2nd version of “justice” too. The typical insinuations when people say they want justice before peace are contrary to your explanation above. If I understand your definition of justice fully and accurately, then what you call justice is what I call peace. I support a Palestinian state standing next to a Jewish state, living in peace. The problem is the people who want a Palestinian state, but are not prepared to concede that the Jewish state will remain in existence. Hamas is among those people who deny the Jewish people the right to a state. This is unacceptable, and I will not waste my time debating with people who spread that hateful message. Jews have the same right to a state as Palestinians, Norwegians, Canadians, and all other nations.

    Now, in terms of the IDF videos, I explained above that there are two sources of videos: videos recorded by the IDF and videos recorded by passengers of the ship. The IDF seized all of the videos from the ship, and whether or not people support that move is a different story. It was done for various reasons, and I won’t give my opinion of whether or not it was the best decision now, because it doesn’t change the big picture and the fact that Israel acted within international law (which I cited above) and was simply taking steps to enforce the Egyptian-Israel blockade of Gaza (which is also completely within the confines of international law) that was challenged by Turkish terrorists. If you altogether reject the veracity of the videos simply because they are released by the IDF, then we are at a dead end and really this conversation can’t go anywhere. It is a serious accusation to claim that videos are forged, and to do so without even the slightest bit of evidence is not an academic decision. On the contrary, we could talk here about the countless times that Palestinian sources or international media have been caught altering photos to demonize Israel. Even within the flotilla event, you can search on Google to see how Reuters doctored photos to remove evidence of knives being held by Turkish terrorists on the ship. I challenge you to show me any instance where the IDF has been proven to alter photos. If you can’t, then it is unwise for you to be automatically dismissing video evidence sourced to the IDF as non-credible, because this is not objective analysis at all.

    You are missing my point, I think. Where did I say anything to indicate that I do, or anyone else should, trust everything or anything that Israel says? I take everything that I read or hear with a grain of salt, something I have repeated several times here. But when I see video evidence, unless I have very good evidence to suggest that it is fake, I trust my own eyes. And it is very easy to understand what happened on the Marmara when you watch the videos.

    Of course I am very familiar with both Amnesty and HRW, and the work they have done. While they both do deal with a breadth of issues, as I said and you acknowledged, it is very clear that they spend a disproportionate amount of time demonizing Israel. I do not accept your claim that perhaps this should give me a hint. The atrocities being committed throughout the Muslim world are disgustingly heartbreaking. Anyone who claims to stand for women’s rights, gay rights, racial equality, freedom of speech, or even basic human rights in the most general sense, but trivializes the gravity of the evil being committed by Islamic states such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, is a hypocrite in the biggest sense. To suggest that Israel’s faults outweigh the suffering of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent people slaughtered in Sudan is just sick. What about the female rape victims in Saudi Arabia who are convicted of being promiscuous and punished by lashing, while the male rapists go free? And the gays who are imprisoned or murdered because of their sexual orientation?

    In fact, if we are speaking about Palestinian victimhood, where is the attention on Jordan and Lebanon who have throughout recent history killed thousands of Palestinians – many more than Israel? As a matter of fact, in recent history, do you know that more Palestinians have been killed by fellow Palestinians than by Israel? Where is your outcry at Hamas who massacred attendees of an outdoor wedding because they were unhappy with the music and singing?

    And the Fatah supporters who were maimed or even thrown off the roofs of buildings simply for having opposing political beliefs?

    That reminds me of Iran who murdered protestors who came to voice their concerns about the re-election of Ahmadinejad.

    And Iraq who used chemical weapons against the Kurds?

    There’s Turkey’s genocide of Armenians…

    The list goes on.

    Do you claim that Israel’s actions possibly even come anywhere close to these and other atrocities? Even if you claim they amount to “Apartheid”, which I categorically deny, and even if you say Israel is currently occupying another “nation”, which it isn’t… did Jordan occupy another “nation”? What about Egypt, did they occupy another “nation”? Where was the world then to condemn and call for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions? Where were the human rights organizations? Do you know that the Palestinians living under Israel’s military rule in the West Bank live in much better conditions than they were offered when they were under Jordanian and Egyptian control?

    Why is it okay when Palestinians are “occupied” and murdered by Muslims, but suddenly the world cares when it is the Jews who are supposedly occupying and killing? I look forward to your explanation, and if not in the name of the world, then at least for you personally.

    As for the IHH report, I’m going to pass at this point on quoting and going into much detail, because frankly it’s not worth it. My opinions and observations about the flotilla event have been made clear in this discussion, so anyone who reads the IHH report should be able to very easily understand my issues with it. When you watch the video evidence and compare it with what is described by the IHH report, it makes you wonder if they’re talking about the same ship. I can’t be bothered to go back and provide specific quotes… sorry.

  12. And just to reiterate, I am not going to be engaging with people who foster extremist opinions such as claiming that “the problem is with the Zionists”, while attempting to disguise their beliefs as reasonable by adding the deceitful “I don’t have the problem with the Jews”.

    Let me be very clear: anyone who claims to be anti-Zionist is anti-Semitic. If you believe otherwise, then you do not understand the meaning of the term Zionist and should educate yourself before attempting to engage in academic debate.

    Zionism is the movement in support of the right for Jews to have a state of their own in Israel. If you believe that the Jews do not have the right to self-determination in Israel, the way that any other people has the right to self-determination (including the Palestinians), then you are anti-Semitic. It is as simple as that, habibi.

  13. HAHAHA you actually made me laugh out loud there. If you think anti-Zionism is anti-semetic then you need to re-educate yourself to the meaning of the term “anti-semetic”. It does not mean anti-Jewish.. Arabs from countries like Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. are all semetic. An arab such as myself therefore cannot be anti-semetic. There are Jews living in Palestine/Israel who do not support the Zionist movement. This movement has brought the 60 years of war and bloodshed in the middle east and if it weren’t for them, there would be peace. Before they came, Jews, Christians and Muslims were able to live in peace in Palestine. It was not until Israel was created that people got killed and kicked out of their homes. And there was definitely no false stereotype of all muslims being terrorists. The Zionists are the biggest terrorists in the world and if their movement continues, it will be the end of us all. Zionists and Jews are completely different.

  14. FreePalestine, I said earlier that I won’t waste my time engaging people like you, but after this latest comment of yours, I am actually tempted to respond. If you are willing to publicly share your identity with us, I will be happy to offer my thoughts to your latest statements. I think the public would be very interested to know who makes claims like the ones you just made. If you are a student at UW, it certainly says something…

  15. Those aren’t claims, they’re facts. That’s history and you can’t change that. And what does my identity or my school have to do with anything? I can tell you I do not go to UW, but it really doesn’t make a difference. We should all be supporting the Palestinians cause for peace and fighting the injustice of Israel and its constant disregard for international law.

  16. Brian Shaposhnik:Let me be very clear: anyone who claims to be anti-Zionist is anti-Semitic. If you believe otherwise, then you do not understand the meaning of the term Zionist and should educate yourself before attempting to engage in academic debate.Zionism is the movement in support of the right for Jews to have a state of their own in Israel. If you believe that the Jews do not have the right to self-determination in Israel, the way that any other people has the right to self-determination (including the Palestinians), then you are anti-Semitic. It is as simple as that, habibi.  

    What are you talking about?

    So what do you classify these people as? Oh yeah what was the term: Self-haters?

    The fact of the matter still remains: Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.

    Read all of the above again. Get it in your head.

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