Urgent support needed: Call Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa December 31st to unban Gaza Freedom March!

This is a call to all Canadians of Conscience.

As many of you may know, Egypt has placed a ban on the Gaza Freedom March (GFM), a group of 1,362 people representing 42 different countries, and the conscience of humanity. They aim to end the siege of Gaza, which imprisons a population of 1.5 million innocent civilians who suffer in despicable ways, and they wish to bring to Gaza desperately needed humanitarian supplies including winter coats for children and specialized baby formula for infants with digestive problems, which Israel has banned from entering Gaza.

Currently in Cairo there are 57 Canadians as part of the GFM including two MPs, a professor from the University of Western Ontario, a young man from Gaza who has not met his father in 8 years, students, and ordinary citizens. Five of them have joined an 85 year old Holocaust survivor on a Hunger Strike to protest the Egyptian government’s decision to ban this desperately needed humanitarian initiative.

They are being faced by riot police, detained in hotel rooms, prevented from even leaving Cairo!

For more information on the difficult situation they face, please visit:

We are calling on all Canadians of Conscience to make two phone calls on the morning of December 31st, 2009.

Please call the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa at: (613) 234-4931 and the Egyptian Consulate in Montreal at: (514) 866 8455.

We ask that you express your support for the 57 Canadians in Cairo and of the entire Gaza Freedom March delegation, and its noble intentions. We ask that you request and insist that the Egyptian Consulate and the Egyptian Embassy, in Montreal and Ottawa respectively, on behalf of all Canadians of conscience take action immediately and urge the Egyptian government to allow all members of the Gaza Freedom March to proceed.

For those in Ottawa tomorrow morning, December 31, at 11 am, we will assemble outside the Egyptian Embassy located at 454 Laurier Avenue East, for an hour.

For those in Montreal tomorrow morning, December 31, at 11 am, we will assemble outside the Egyptian Consulate located at 1000 rue De La Gauchetiere O.,Suite 3320, for an hour.

Please use the last day of your year to help humanity, help this historic march proceed, help end the siege of Gaza, help an imprisoned innocent people be free.

Make all phone calls starting at 9 am all the way until noon! Keep calling! Keep the pressure up!

Thank you, sincerely.

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